CNC Machined Components

Our fully equipped machine shop is geared to develop parts of exceptional dimensional accuracy. We are equipped with Semi-Automatic, Conventional, CNC Machines with the latest version of operating control systems.

We supply flight-ready parts used in aircraft interiors and avionics systems. Things like control boxes heat sinks, gyroscopes, and some others you probably couldn’t pronounce. These components are essential to safety and have to be flawless. And that’s why we’re here.

We are proud to be a cog in the automotive industry, manufacturing parts and supplying plastic, composite and metal parts for interior, chassis, engine or suspension system parts, and body applications. All manufacturing meets QS 900 quality standards.

We also help with tooling development for every manufacturing process we offer. This work ranges from design to preproduction and production parts and adjustments.

Our favorite color is green. From wind-powered turbines to solar energy systems, we manufacture mechanical components and hardware that support our core mission: make parts that make a difference for a sustainable future.

LED is everywhere these days and our components help drive the technology. From headlights to remote-control circuits, we’re shining a light on the future.

Audhe manufacturing facilities produce precision components for medical and dental devices, as well as the diagnostic equipment and surgical equipment systems. We’re also here for you with cleanroom manufacturing and packaging services. Reach out. We’re there.

Precision and performance are critical in the military. Audhe works to mil-spec standards making parts used in weapons systems, communications gear, body armor, and more.

Audhe answers the call for complex manufacturing. We produce components and assemblies for telecommunications devices and other electronic systems.

Hydraulic clamping system is generally used to hold the work in the locating surface. A CNC hydraulic press brake is a sheet and plate metal bending machine. By clamping the workpiece between a punch and die, the press brake shapes curves and CNC is used to pre-program these processes. Audhe Industries are Specialized in producing tight tolerance components such as Spools, Fittings, Nipples, Adaptors, Rotatable Bored Flanges, Reducers etc.

Audhe Industries plays a crucial role in the development of CNC machined components for pump and valve applications. With their expertise in precision manufacturing and CNC machining, they deliver top-quality custom parts that excel in pump and valve systems. Their team of skilled professionals ensures precise engineering and meticulous metal fabrication to create high-quality components perfectly tailored for pump and valve projects. Trust in Audhe Industries to provide reliable CNC machined components that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and performance of pump and valve systems, ensuring seamless fluid control and smooth operations.

Audhe Industries plays a pivotal role in the development of CNC machined components for the non-automotive industry. Leveraging their expertise in precision manufacturing and CNC machining, they specialize in creating high-quality custom parts tailored for various industrial segments. From precision engineering to meticulous metal fabrication, Audhe Industries ensures top-notch results for critical non-automotive projects. With a commitment to excellence, they deliver durable and high-performance components that meet the unique requirements of non-automotive industries, contributing to the success and efficiency of diverse applications outside the automotive sector.